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Mythodreas - Spawn Index

Spawn Index
Spawn are dangerous enemies that inhabit Mythodreas. They are often violent and delusioned, having been influenced by Obscurum. Be wary when encountering Spawn, especially if it is an Obscured!

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Wolpertinger, the Winged Rabbit

Aligned with Obscured
Rarely Encountered

Location: Uknown

Agility: 200Strength: 120Defense: 110Health: 3750
Intellect: 120Intimidate: 200Damage: 120Mana: 200

Elemental connection to Water
Its skills are Manipulation & Flight
Can cause Confusion ailment

Recommended Level: 15

How weak Mythodreas must be, to put all their hopes in dreams into a pathetic, little wanderer.
How long do you think you can last, with that doubt in your heart?
Just close your eyes, it will all be over in a second.

Pence: 900
Experience: 600
Drops: Wolpertinger Feather
Achievement: Met an Obscured, and lived!

About Wolpertinger
Wolpertinger is said to be born from the blood of Liamel during the Great War. Their wings span a total of eighty inches, and their antlers can grow as tall as three feet. They are known for their quick reflexes and enchanting voice, and are often found lurking in dark, depressing places. It's best to avoid any Obscured, especially one with such a melodic voice!