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Mythodreas - Spawn Index

Spawn Index
Spawn are dangerous enemies that inhabit Mythodreas. They are often violent and delusioned, having been influenced by Obscurum. Be wary when encountering Spawn, especially if it is an Obscured!

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Ushioni, the Bull

Aligned with Obscured
Commonly Encountered

Location: Uknown

Agility: 200Strength: 150Defense: 200Health: 2500
Intellect: 200Intimidate: 200Damage: 190Mana: 430

Elemental connection to Air
Its skills are Ram & Stampede
Cannot cause an ailment

Recommended Level: 15

How dare you stand before me! I will crush you!
Just the sight of you angers me.
You are nothing but a disgraceful speck. I will not stand to be beaten by you!

Pence: 600
Experience: 400
Drops: Ushioni Horn
Achievement: Met an Obscured, and lived!

About Ushioni
Ushioni are bulls with three eerie eyes, tough, deathly pale skin and hooves of iron. They are said to have originated from fire and brimstone, but that could just be because they smell of it. Despite their intelligence, they are short-tempered and thus easily angered. Watch out for their hooves, they may look slow, but Ushioni are as fast as a Wolpertinger!