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Mythodreas - Coming Soon
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Mythodreas is a constantly evolving site filled with features and ideas. For that reason, we are always looking for creative ideas that we can implement into our game. You can send in your idea for review at ideas@Mythodreas.com. Following is a list of things contributed by dedicated players that you are sure to see in the near future.

Coming Soon


Familiars and Wanderer may explore and encounter NPCs, story paths, celestials, Spawn, and quests

Shelter for abandoned Familiars

Guilds and Volunteer jobs for Wanderers

Wanderer submitted avatar icons

Bringing back a improved Battle Stadium (to be renamed to colosseum)

Incorporating more stories and user interaction

Incorporating more options to improve or ruin Familiar-Wanderer Relationship

Incorporating ailments, illnesses, and daily necessities for Familiars and Wanderer Reflections

Incorporating special alignment requirements, stories, and rewards

Mythodreas Ungerground and Auctionhouse

More shrines (other than Emestar's shrine)

Crafting items to fulfill daily necessities and quests

Wanderer-selected layout colors

Allow Wanderers use of full BBCode on forums, blogs, and profiles

Allow username change even if username already exists (incorporate userid)

Login based off email and password (not username and password)

Sub-threads in forums


Mythodreas aspires to be more than a simple fun-filled Creature-RPG. We hope to someday step beyond the borders that have defined a webgame and be in a class of our own.

1,000 stories with at least 50 different endings

100,000 Items

150 Species

500 NPCs

World currency to Mythodreas currency (cash shops)

World Domination international recognition

We, unfortunately, cannot attain these goals without donations and purchases from players like you, so please, support us and help make a difference today!