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Mythodreas - The Food Pantry
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Face it, you're poor, tired, hungry, and are probably in dire need of a bath. Your Familiar isn't any better. Making a living in Mythodreas is hard, but thankfully the inhabitants are relatively friendly, at least in Dreas. You were told that the food pantry gave food to those in need... well, to those who had Pence under 2,000.

The food pantry is small and incredibly barren, except for the small, stone penninsula at the back of the room. Across it stands an elf. Her back is to you and she seems to be immersed in stirring whatever it is that's making that delicious, mouthwatering smell. She glances over her shoulder once to look at you, flashing a grin, "Ah, a Wanderer? Have I seen you before?" She turns back around, the stirring never ceasing, "You and your Familiar look starved to death!"

Yes, please, I'm dying here!

Depends on what you're offering.