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November 12, 2017 - Alchemy at work and other stuff

Remember, Inis's Isle will be closing soon! November 15th. Additionally, those who are registered before the mentioned date previously will receive all items. Also our Beta Testers will receive and award (we are adding Pence to this award too!).

Remember, if you ever have even the slightest knowledge of PHP and SQL code, let us know! It would help out our Lead Alchemist greatly. We do not require efficiency in these coding languages. If you can understand it, that's all that we ask, and we can drag you along from there!

We are keeping an eye on the site's current bugs since we switched hosts. All of your reports of bugs and our findings are currently on our Alchemist's list of things to check and fix! Especially some of the bugs that pop up when Mythodreas's layout is in day mode.