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Mythodreas - Staff
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Guides of Mythodreas

Guides work hard to bring you all the content that you see on the site, so that you may enjoy all that Mythodreas has to offer.

Check the Employment Page to see how you can become a Guide!

Goddess and Overlord: Keptsoul, Evonnay and Liamel
Two of the many Gods and Goddesses of Mythodreas that direct and implement changes, features, new games, and Guides, as well as contributing to site development while maintaining the main site and dealing with glitches, bugs and other game issues.

Scribes: Opheliadrowns666, Canis
The Scribes, or content managers, oversee and manage almost every aspect of the site, including promoting Mythodreas to gain new users and to keep the current users engaged.

Alchemists: WolfSol, Farore
The Alchemists, or web developers, work on new features for Mythodreas as well as contribute to upadting the site funtionality.

Head Gate Keeper: Ekeae
The Head Gate Keeper, or head moderator, oversees the moderation staff department of the site, organizing and scheduling shifts and responding to user concerns and abuse reports.

Gate Keepers:
Gate Keepers, or moderators, deal with users on the site, working hard to ensure that all the rules are followed and that users have a fun and safe time at Mythodreas!

Head Guardian: Luna
The Head Guardian, or head support, organize the support department of the site, dedicated to answering users' questions and making sure they get all the help they need.

Guardians: cay
The Guardians, or support staff, respond to user questions and assist users where necessary on the site.

Head Muse: InuMimi
The Head Muse, or art manager, directs the art development on the site and ensures that pictures are drawn so that your creatures and items are pretty! :)

Muses: Phoxatol, Cynlife
The Muses, or artists, are responsible for all the awesome art you see on Mythodreas, working hard to make Mythodreas a visually enjoyable experience!

Seekers: Vampy
The Seekers, or trainees, are new additions to the Mythodreas Guides.

Beta Testers: SMCZ202, SilviaSkyheart, neleh, VellaTheBella, Faeriefire, Asena187, SRLAC, LifeNovel, writer_unwritten, StrongerThanYesterda, Shadow_Pixie, Keerahrah, raum_, Calaquendi, Shiro
Beta Testers are our valuable Wanderers who are focused on making sure that all upcoming site features and content is bug-free and enjoyable.
These are the people who are no longer a Guide, but have made significant contributions to Mythodreas during their time here. Please note this is not a comprehensive list!