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Mythodreas - Wander
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You feel a bit like you're stepping on holy ground. Maybe it's the tingling sensation in your fingers or the shudder up your spine, but there's something here, in Nirvana. It's not the grand castle made of gold, the faint shimmer of fae magic in the air, or the cool yet not unkind gaze from royal elves. No, there's something else... something just over the horizon. It's serene, this feeling. It is the epitome of peace and quiet, and you vaugely remember being told that it was fabled to have been Evonnay's final resting place.

Nirvana is home to a royal family of Elves, the Feleir family, that are said to be able to hear the voices of the dead. They reign over the Northern islands of Mythodreas from a golden castle. Ever since the fall of Evonnay, the monoarchy has been struggling. There is a rumor that the fae courts that advise the royals are planning a rebellion.

Unlike the Oracle's house, you notice that the blacksmith's abode rests on the border of Nirvana, far from the protection of the castle. You've heard it is because, the Elven and fae folk do not want to admit to having to forge weapons as they deem such creations an unpleasant and monstrous necessity.