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Mythodreas - Wander
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Explore Upper Emestar

It's bone-chilling, this cold that clings to you like a wet blanket. Your Familiar isn't doing any better, they've taken to pressing their body against yours in hopes to find warmth, but you're as cold as ice. You've heard stories about the traders of Mythodreas before, you've heard them a number of times, but you're hesitant as you trek through upper Emestar's dark forests. If you've learned anything while wandering in Mythodreas it's that no story, no ounce of advice will help prepare you for the tasks that lie ahead. You've been told that the sisters look alike in every way, but the air about them will say differently. You've been told they have the power to see through you, see your soul, read your heart, and hear your thoughts. You've also been advised to not look them in the eyes, to question them, or to speak.

When the castle, a haunting colossus of aged stone and broken glass that blocks out even the moonlight, finally comes into view, you remember that the abandoned castle was once refuge to the past monarchy of Mythodreas, before the demise of Evonnay.

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