Mythodreas Beta v 6.22.5
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Mythodreas - Land of Myths and Dreams

Hello and welcome to Beta Mythodreas

Where you are the hero, the villain, or the watcher in a world where your decisions and actions hold influence over the myths and dreams of Mythodreas.
Welcome to a world of myths and dreams, where you can either be the Hero, the Villain, or the Watcher.
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Journal Entry of the Oracle, Part 1
I felt the darkness shift like sand beneath my feet. It reminded me how despondent this world has become. How lost we all are, and how long these wicked nights have been in Emestar.

Though I have felt this change countless times before... it was never as cold as this. I don't remember feeling ice run through my veins let alone feeling a chill along my back.

It was strange, stranger still as the way that the aether moves. It mimics the dance of fire files, a hopeful sign despite the touch of winter that weighs heavily in my premonitions.

It is most certainly an omen that wields a double-edged blade.

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