Mythodreas Beta v 6.22.5
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Mythodreas - Land of Myths and Dreams

Hello and welcome to Beta Mythodreas! Where you are the hero, the villain, or the watcher in a world where your decisions and actions hold influence over the myths and dreams of Mythodreas.

Mythodreas runs off one programmer (we call them an Alchemist), this means that we have one person managing and troubleshooting glitches as well as new features for your journey. Please be patient with us as we continue preparing you for your journey! Not only that, but the Guides would like to remind you that Mythodreas is still undergoing reconstruction, and is currently considered to be a Beta site. This means that Mythodreas will be releasing new content and features, a nd discovering and fixing bugs, errors, and glitches. Don't be alarmed if you see any errors, bugs, or glitches, we are working on them as fast as we can!

Lost because some things have been moved around or you're brand new to this world? Well, check here!

"This world is ravaged by war, engulfed in darkness.
It is tainted, a shadow of its former self.
It is on the verge of ruin.
But there is a hope... A destiny.
A prophecy that speaks of light,
of a curious Wanderer too far from home.
Yet they walk with a weakened heart,
easily swayed with temptation.
They can save this world, or destroy it.
They will be our light or our darkness,
the hero or the villain.
Blessed, Evonnay, we pray...
We yearn for a hero."
- Mythodreas Lore, The Prophecy

Welcome to a world of myths and dreams, where you can either be the Hero, the Villain, or the Watcher.
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