Mythodreas Beta v 6.22.5
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Hello and welcome to Beta Mythodreas

Where you are the hero, the villain, or the watcher in a world where your decisions and actions hold influence over the myths and dreams of Mythodreas.
Welcome to a world of myths and dreams, where you can either be the Hero, the Villain, or the Watcher.
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About Mythodreas Guides

We are a very small group of volunteers hoping to one day see this land of myths and dreams meet its full potential.

Mythodreas, Andromeda Update

The plan to restructure the dreams and nightmares that make up Mythodreas will be in motion starting August 12, 2023.

This change will involve current amenities to be temporarily hidden while we work on the first phase which is: Andromeda. Andromeda will include beginning lore (i.e. selection of Familiar) and the ability to communicate with fellow Wanderers (i.e. forums, private messaging, wall posts, blessings, etc.). Your Familiar will remain at your side, and your Satchel's items will be untouched. When our Alchemist/Web Developer has finished with Andromeda, we will then commence with improving upon Familiar Interaction in Mythodreas Ceridwen Update.

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