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Mythodreas - Land of Myths and Dreams

Hello and welcome to Beta Mythodreas

Where you are the hero, the villain, or the watcher in a world where your decisions and actions hold influence over the myths and dreams of Mythodreas.
Welcome to a world of myths and dreams, where you can either be the Hero, the Villain, or the Watcher.
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Journal Entry of the Priestess, Part 1
This world is ravaged by war that began before the sun met the moon. It started with dreams and light, all good things, but now it ends in nightmares and the Obscured darkness.

It started with shorter days and longer nights, a change that is not common in this world of myths and dreams. Then it grew with a sickness. A sickness that brings about decay, malice, and madness.

And though the sun may rise on this day, I fear that it will not rise on the next. For these nightmares have begun to feed, to grow. Preying on the weak and lost, devouring both the light and the hope that comes with it.

This world... it is tainted, a shadow of its former self.

It is on the verge of ruin.

But there is a faint glimmer of hope, a destiny. Something that those wicked nightmares can never twist and darken.

It is a prophecy, one that speaks of light born within a curious Wanderer too far from home. They are weary, bearing a weak heart, and are easily swayed by temptation. Yet somehow they can save this world... or destroy it. Whatever may pass, they will be our light or our darkness, our hero or our villain.

Blessed Evonnay, let us pray for a hero...

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