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Mythodreas - Contact Information

You glance around nervously. You hate to admit it, but you're confused. You've heard of these so-called "Guides," but you're lost when it comes to coming into contact with them. Thankfully one of Evonnay's Wisps is nearby. It turns to you, a mischevious grin curling on its lips, "You've lost your way haven't you, Wanderer?"

Sometimes, it can be tricky to know just how to contact the Guides of Mythodreas. To get a hold of one of the Guides for something minor or a quick question, you always have the option of communicating with them via Missives, but that isn't your only option. We've gathered a list of e-mails you can use in order to get in touch with the Guides.

All of these inboxes are checked within a timeframe of 72 hours. The Guides will respond to all valid emails as soon as they can; however, if they haven't replied to you within seven days, it's perfectly reasonable to resend your e-mail. Maybe it got lost somewhere in cyberspace? Make sure that the reason you're e-mailing the Guides is a valid one. Remember, they can't disclose any personal information of other Wanderers, so they won't be able to tell you why your best friend isn't accepting your Companion request. They also cannot e-mail you back with your password or e-mail you used to sign up-or anyone else's personal information, for that matter!

I hope you are able to talk to a Guide soon!
Want to submit something to the Artists Hall? Thinking of applying to be a Muse? If you want to get in contact with the Muses, use this e-mail account.
Wondering why your account was frozen? Feel like something went wrong? Contact this e-mail and Guides will assist you with your questions and help you work toward a solution.
Want to help keep Mythodreas running? Have a question about where your USD goes and what rewards you can receive? Someone at this e-mail will help you understand the perks of donating to Mythodreas.
Is some Wanderer breaking the rules? Feel free to report any misconduct to this e-mail address, and Gate Keepers will handle it. Mythodreas thanks you for keeping the land safe and friendly.
Have a question that can't be answered over Missives? Want to talk to someone about becoming a Guardian? The Guardians will gladly answer you and teach you about the team.
Have some questions about coding? Want to help out our Alchemists? The Alchemists will assist you with certain coding issues you might have and would be happy to tell you more about their job.
Is there anything else we missed? Not sure where a question falls? Feel free to contact this e-mail address, and the Guides will get back to you as soon as they can.