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Mythodreas - Spawn Index

Spawn Index
Spawn are dangerous enemies that inhabit Mythodreas. They are often violent and delusioned, having been influenced by Obscurum. Be wary when encountering Spawn, especially if it is an Obscured!

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Vaatee, the Deer Lion

Aligned with Neutrum
Rarely Encountered

Location: Wastelands

Agility: 45Strength: 110Defense: 40Health: 3500
Intellect: 120Intimidate: 100Damage: 90Mana: 150

Elemental connection to Earth
Its skills are Speed Kick & Roar
Cannot cause an ailment

Recommended Level: 15

How dare you get in my way. I'll make your day a living nightmare!
I wonder what that Familiar of yours would taste like...
Just die already!

Pence: 850
Experience: 400
Drops: Vaatee Antler
Achievement: Nothing

About Vaatee
Vaatee are hybrids between a deer and lion. They are extremely aggressive and quick on their feet. It is said that they were once highly favored by Moradin, but their violent nature drew the goddess to become disgusted with them. If their roar doesn't scare off you or your familiar, its bite definitely will! Watch out for their antlers, teeth, and hooves!