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Revised January 2021

You're a little hesitant as you walk around Mythodreas, unsure of what lies ahead. You feel that the Gatekeeper and the Willow Tree didn't tell you a lot about what you could do and could not do. Maybe you should ask? The last thing you need is to get on your pantheon's or a guide's bad side... Evonnay must have heard your concerns because as you wade through the thick foliage, you spot a green Wisp. It's perched on a rock, it's back to you, but you when you draw closer it glances over its shoulder.
"You've lost your way haven't you, Wanderer?"

Greetings, and welcome to the land of Mythodreas. Before you venture into this mystifying world of myths and dreams, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You have to be aware of these Terms of Service while here; adhere to them to the best of your ability! I'll run you through them as quickly as possible so you can get back to your wandering. I promise it won't be too painful!

Privacy & Cookie Policy
Site Rules
Forums - Romance
Forums - Violence
Forums - General
Cheating, Scamming, and Glitches
Legal Information

Privacy & Cookie Policy
When you first sign up for your journey, you, as a wanderer, must submit a valid e-mail address, birthdate, and country. If you are over the age of 13, you have the option to enter a name. The e-mail you enter will be necessary to send lost passwords, activation codes, and things of the like. While you are here, Mythodreas will record your unique Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, location, and other non-personal information for use in site demographics as well as for security precautions.

In addition, wandering on Mythodreas will use cookies on a user's computer and Internet browser that will be Mythodreas. These cookies are not the type you feed to your Familiar, dear wanderer. Instead, they are small text files that keep a user logged into the world of Mythodreas for a certain amount of time. They also aid in keeping track of your adventures on-site. No personal information nor anything I've just covered is disclosed to any third parties. This means that Mythodreas will never sell or provide your information externally unless a request is made considering Legal or COPPA.

Site Rules
The rules I'm about to list for you are important to keep in mind in every aspect of the website. In other words, your Missives, profile, homepage, signature, Familiar profiles, and any other pages that you are able to edit must follow these guidelines. By joining the world of Mythodreas, you agree to the following:

1. You must abide by these Terms of Service at all times.
2. You are required to adhere to all requests made by the Mythodreas Administration.
3. Treat the site and its creators with respect. A lot has been put into this site since its overhaul and change of ownership. Comparing the site to pre-existing or current sites is considered disrespectful.
4. Make sure that you treat all Wanderers, guests, and Guides/Administration of Mythodreas with equal respect.
5. You will not, under any circumstance, post pornographic media of any sort.
6. Likewise, you will not "sext" on the Forums or over Missives.
7. You may not roleplay over Missives.
8. You will not make vulgar and/or personal attacks against another Wanderer.
9. Do not harass another user of Mythodreas by any means.
10. You must not post derogatory, racially offensive, or explicit material.
11. Do not give out your password to any user, including Mythodreas Administration.
12. Do not pester or beg Mythodreas Administration or other Wanderers for perks, items, Pence, and the like.
13. Do not cheat. If you discover a glitch or a bug, report it instead of exploiting it.
14. Do not spam Wanderers, Forums, Clubs, and the like with repetitive content, solicited content, advertisements to join Clubs or buy from Shops, or to visit a site unrelated to Mythodreas. Likewise, you will not, to the best of your knowledge, post content in the wrong Forum or post irrelevant content that contributes nothing to the discussion.
15. You will not blatantly plug other websites' direct links or names into a conversation unless it fits for that circumstance, lest it will be considered spam.
16. You must not manipulate site CSS so that "" cannot be read on a homepage, Club page, profile, shop, or Familiar profile.
17. Finally, you agree to alert a Guide from the Mythodreas Administration regarding any site or user issues.

Keep in mind that any and all decisions made by the Mythodreas Administration are final and are not made lightly; however, you are always encouraged to speak up and voice your opinion on any issue that may arise.

Forum Rules
The Forums are a fun place to connect with other Wanderers and make new friends. Mythodreas's Forums are restricted to registered Wanderers who are thirteen (13) years old or older. All Forum content must follow the rating of PG-13 or under. Therefore, by using the forums, you agree to the following:

As far as roleplaying Romance . . .
1. Brief mentions of nudity is allowed; however, there may be no sexually oriented content pertaining to the sex.
2. There will be no intense sexual actions. Content that involves sex or explicit signs or actions of physical pleasure is unacceptable. Some actions that are allowed include making out, snuggling, hugging, kissing, and holding hands.
3. Stating the relationship between characters is allowed, on all grounds-family, friends, and partnerships.
4. Sexual remarks, jokes, and images are not allowed by any means.

As far as roleplaying Violence . . .
1. Profanity/Vulgarity may be allowed within the context of the roleplay's storyline and character(s). Clear overuse of a vulgar or obscene phrase that is unrelated to the situation and character development will not be tolerated.
2. Do not post any hate-related content.
3. Moderate violence is acceptable, but Mythodreas will not tolerate graphic depictions of death, fighting, abuse, persecution, gore, rape, and other overly-violent and unacceptable acts.
4. Moderate use of drugs and alcohol may be allowed within the context of the roleplay's storyline; however, graphic depictions and praise are frowned upon and not allowed.
5. Use of weapons as needed within the roleplay's storyline are acceptable. Do not write gory descriptions while using any weapon.
6. Description of gruesome injuries, cannibalism, rape, dismemberment, and the like are not acceptable, no matter the case.

You must Respect others . . .
1. There is to be no harassment or bullying of any kind.
2. Do not spam the Forums or use excessive (or all) capital letters.
3. Do not use any racial, sexual, or religious terms. Likewise, do not make any comments or jokes about those topics.
4. Absolutely no pornographic images, links, or jokes will be tolerated.
5. Copyrighted characters must be given acknowledgment to their rightful creator.
6. For roleplays, do not use any improper character names or roleplay titles.
7. All main content of the Forums must be in English; however, some words or quotes of another language, as long as the meaning of the words is clear or can easily be found out, they relate to the story or the character (if in a roleplay), and they don't cross the boundaries of any other rules, are permitted.
8. Do not argue with the Guides of Mythodreas. If a Gate Keeper deems your content, roleplay or otherwise, is unacceptable, it most likely is. Alter it, or it may be deleted, and you may face a pentalty.
9. As with violent roleplays, no profanity or obscenity is allowed on the Forums.
10. Once again, no roleplays are allowed over Missives. Mythodreas Administration should not have to check mail for violations, as the rules for the Forums themselves have now been relaxed to allow more creative content.

Cheating, Scamming, and Glitches
Keep in mind that the use of cheat programs, refreshers, or hacking tools on any Mythodreas page, feature, or application will cause your journey in Mythodreas to come to an abrupt end. Cheating will result in an automatic freeze or ban of your account. In addition, do not scam any other Wanderer or guest, as that will also result in a freeze or ban of your account. Finally, remember to report any glitches or bugs to the Guides of Mythodreas. If you abuse and exploit a glitch or bug you found, or know of from other means, your account will be frozen or banned. This includes glitches that the Alchemists are working on fixing, ones that have already been reported to them.

All Wanderers of Mythodreas are expected to have integrity and help in creating a safe and friendly environment that is fair to all fellow Wanderers. We have the most fun and get the most done when we work together.

You are only allowed one account per IP. In other words, you may only have this one account on Mythodreas. Another account on the same IP may be approved, though, if someone else in your household also wants to join Mythodreas. If this is the case, please be sure to make a note on your homepage that someone shares your IP in order to prevent possible future banning or penalties as issued by a Guide of Mythodreas.

Also, Mythodreas reserves the right to permanently terminate any account for inactivity, including accounts with Pence, Battle Coins, or other items or privileges that may have been licensed through the payment of real-world money to Mythodreas or Mythodreas's licensing partners. An account is considered inactive if a Wanderer has not accessed the world of Mythodreas for six to twelve (6-12) months.

Users, as of March 1, 2018, may be allowed to upload a custom avatar that is non-Mythodreas related. Additionally, users, as of July 15, 2018, may be allowed to upload a video or image to their profile. The image and or video must not contain outright nudity, meaning obvious genitalia and other physical, sexual content; political or religious beliefs or views, and may not display sexual actions whatsoever. In addition, the image may not contain curses, hate of any kind, or affiliation with harmful substances or actions (i.e. drugs, alcohol, suicide, etc.). We ask that you keep in mind that the images will be resized and saved onto Mythodreas. If the image or video is believed to go against the Terms of Service or is considered offensive by the majority, you will be asked to remove your image or video. If you refuse or fail to change your image or video within a timely manner, a Guide will penalize you.

If any registered Wanderer defies the Terms of Service as I have laid out for you, they may be suspended for up to seventy-two (72) hours or even frozen or banned permanently. Please note that depending on a Wanderer's account history and type of infraction, the Wanderer may be frozen or suspended for breaking the rules and will be frozen for multiple infractions. A Wanderer may not necessarily be warned prior to being frozen.

Another thing you should realize, dear Wanderer, is that all content in and of Mythodreas (including, but not limited to: uploaded or submitted images, pets, non-player characters, written work, fanart, and scripts) is the property of Mythodreas and is protected under The Copyright Act.

In other words, all content uploaded or submitted to Mythodreas becomes property of and may be used as Mythodreas Administration sees fit, which may include exclusive use, reproduction, modification, adaption, publication, translation, creation of derivative works from, and/or distribution of materials or incorporate materials into any form, medium, or technology. It is agreed that the work belongs to Mythodreas and that the uploader or submitter's rights to the materials have been waived. On a lighter note, use of Mythodreas content for personal use is allowed as long as credit and a direct link is given to The Mythodreas Administration wants to make it clear that it makes no claims to the ownership of trademarks, patents, and copyrights that do not belong to it. Any content uploaded or submitted under false pretense-such as, the user lying about creating the content-or direct credit is unacceptable and will lead to the uploader or submitter being banned.

Don't forget: if you believe Mythodreas is infringing on your trademark, patent, copyright, or intellectual property rights, you can always contact them at

Legal Information
The world of Mythodreas is not responsible for content posted by Wanderers or guests. Mythodreas makes no claims about the validity of products or services advertised.

By joining the world of Mythodreas and using this website, you acknowledge and agree to the Terms of Service. In addition, you agree that you cannot hold Mythodreas responsible for any liability for or of any legal issue(s). This world is shared by all of us with no warranty or guarantee. We cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied or happy with your adventure, or that it will be 100% bug- and glitch-free, but we will do our best to make it so. Rules are subject to change. In regards to this, you may not attempt or threaten to sue Mythodreas or Mythodreas Administration of any issue(s).

By agreeing to the Terms of Service, you are agreeing to not hold Mythodreas or Mythodreas Administration responsible for loss, expenses, or other legal issue(s) including, but not limited to, the theft of sensitive and/or private information. If you do not agree to the Terms of Service I've explained to you thus far, then you will lose your account-which will include the loss of access to the world of Mythodreas, all items and Familiars, and currency of Pence, Battle Coins, or USD used within

The rules are subject to change at any time, so please make sure you come back and visit me! If the rules are revised at any time, Mythodreas Administration will alert all Wanderers via the Sentrion Chronicles and the e-mail address you provided upon joining.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, is a law created to protect the privacy of an individual under the age of thirteen (13). The law requires parental consent for the collection and/or use of the child's information. If a young Wanderer's guardian requires the Wanderer's information or for the Wanderer's information to be removed, please send a request to

In addition, COPPA requires that safety precautions be used to further protect children under the age of thirteen (13). This includes blocking children from various site features that could potentially put them at risk when it comes to private and or sensitive information. If it is discovered that you are under the age of thirteen (13) and have lied about your age, your account will be banned.

Mythodreas Administration will continue to do the best it can to ensure the Wanderer's safety and privacy.

Well, it was nice getting to know you! Hopefully everything I've told you makes sense. If not, you can always contact a Guide here in Mythodreas to explain something further to you! Remember that these Terms of Service are always subject to change, but that just gives you an excuse to come visit me again! Have fun in the world of Mythodreas; a land of myths and dreams awaits you!