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Everything is so confusing. Questions swirl in your head; your brain is screaming for you to find a way out of this strange land you stumbled upon, but your heart is gently pulling you forward, encouraging you to find out more. After all, Mythodreas seems like it could be fun… Before you know it, you've stumbled straight into one of Evonnay's Wisps. It turns to look at you, eyes wide, then relaxes, offering you a sincere smile. "You've lost your way, haven't you, Wanderer?"

Mythodreas can come across as overwhelming to someone who didn't originate in this world. It's understandable you want to know more about this place before you get in too deep. You want to make sure this land is everything you expected and more, right? Let me tell you a little bit about this place that many creatures call home.

The Land
Mythodreas is completely interactive-your choices create your story, a tale that is uniquely yours. You can be Mythodreas's savior or its downfall. No two stories are alike, just as no two Wanderers are alike. This world is what you make of it, so choose wisely. Mythodreas first opened on January 1st, 2004, though the world had been created in 2003. We've gone through so many changes since then, and while you're here, you can make new memories that will last eons.

Everyone here follows an alignment that is ruled by a Pantheon. Each Pantheon focuses on a single deity, you should've met one by now, right? You can join Lux, Neutrum, or Tenebris and swear your allegiance to your Pantheon's respective god or goddess. You'll start out with a Familiar with a matching alignment. From there, you can wander this vast world, create allies, defeat enemies, and carve your own path. The only limit to your story is your own imagination.

In addition, new lands are always being discovered. We certainly wouldn't mind if you choose to stick around and explore these new places. You could be the first to explore a new place and discover new things.

The Creatures
When you partner up with a creature in Mythodreas, it becomes known as your Familiar. Creatures are typically one of three alignments: Light, Dark, or Neutral. You can have a Familiar that isn't of your Pantheon, but be careful-your reputation may suffer for it. Is that a risk you're willing to take?

Each species has a rich background and history that you're free to read about. While some are reclusive, many are very amiable. More and more creatures will be discovered with time. Maybe they'll be eager to befriend a Wanderer like you.

If you'd like to learn more about the creatures in Mythodreas, you can always check out the Mythodreas Encyclopedia.

The Guides
"Guides" are often referred to as "staff" in other lands. The Guides here in Mythodreas are made up of a group of hard-working individuals who maintain a clear vision of where the world of Mythodreas is going. They strive to make Mythodreas a land of fun for everyone.

To learn more about the Guides, you can visit here. If you want to contact one of the Guides, you can use our contact form.

The Business
Mythodreas is present on the World Wide Web too! You can find its links to social media on the main page. Feel free to follow any of those to get updates on upcoming features, items, or creatures.

Currently, there are no advertisements on If you would like to know more about the advertising options here in the world of Mythodreas, please feel free to use our contact form.