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Mythodreas - Spawn Index

Spawn Index
Spawn are dangerous enemies that inhabit Mythodreas. They are often violent and delusioned, having been influenced by Obscurum. Be wary when encountering Spawn, especially if it is an Obscured!

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Wendye, the Wendigo

Aligned with Obscured
Commonly Encountered

Location: Uknown

Agility: 120Strength: 140Defense: 135Health: 3750
Intellect: 80Intimidate: 200Damage: 190Mana: 500

Elemental connection to Earth
Its skills are Bite & Teleport
Can cause Zombie ailment

Recommended Level: 15

Why, don't you look like a delectable, little morsel?
Stand still so I can eat you!
They say your kind tastes like chicken... let me test that.

Pence: 600
Experience: 600
Drops: Skull Fragment
Achievement: Met an Obscured, and lived!

About Wendye
Wendye is a spiny, bony abomination that reeks of death. They were once aligned with Tenebris until their man-eating habits cast them out of Mythodreas. Wendye, much like the Zugaikotsu, can appear out of thin air. They are eternally hungry and incredibly violent. It's best to walk the other way if you come across one, don't want to be eaten!