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Will you be the hero and save this rotting land or the villain and bring the end to all things good?

Join us and embark to find out!

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A Wanderer's Guide to Mythodreas

Hello there, Wanderer, and welcome to Mythodreas! If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Terms of Services so that you may be more accustomed to how the land of Myths and Dreams works!

Where do I start?
We suggest that you explore the locations of Mythodreas, becoming familiar with them and the Mythos. You cannot go too far or be too bold until your Familiar has turned into an Adult!
While you wait for your Familiar to grow (two weeks till Adulthood), why not invest in a stall, stock up in items, and get acquainted with fellow Wanderers. Of course, it wouldn't help to read the official Wanderer's Guide! (some features may be unavailable at this time, please bear with us! Features that are WIP or have a sub-feature that is a WIP are marked with an *)

Wanderer Settings and Information
Account Requirements
* Haunt and Account Features
Forums - Mytho Round Table
* Achievements

Wandering and Battle
* Ailment
* Wander
* Colosseum

* Crystarium
* Elements
* Equipment

Pantheons and Stories

Familiars and NPCs
Holiday Events
Mythodreas NPCs

Pence, Crystals, and Battle Crowns


Account status?
You are considered a Wanderer, and you have been chosen by one of the Mythodreas pantheons' Gods/Goddesses. You've journeyed long and far to reach Mythodreas, and you've been tasked to save Mythodreas from an unknown darkness that is unlike any darkness Mythodreas has ever seen.

Allies are fellow wanderers that you have befriended online. You may interact with them, find them online easily, and see their latest activity.

Enemies are fellow wanderers that you have blocked online. You may not interact with them and they may not interact with you if they are on your block list or if you are on their block list.

Story paths?
Your decisions can and will effect the story of Mythodreas on your account and your account only.

You may change your username for a fee of 67,000 pence, three times a year.

Class or Race?
Not all Wanderers of Mythodreas are of human descent. Once you choose a class, it may not be changed unless an item is used or a fee is paid. A class will change your account statistics.

Avatar or Reflection?
An avatar, or Reflection, is a Mythodreas persona of you. Similar to your icon on forms and comments, this Reflection will follow you and represent you. It may be changed with a fee of 550,000 pence.

What are Blessings?
Blessings can be received from users and other special requirements. A blessing toward a user can cost a fee like a blessing toward a pet. Blessings can also be received from a deity of your Pantheon.

What is a Tagline?
A tagline is a special tag that follows your icon around site. It is used to represent your achievements. There are various taglines available, some can be purchased while most can be found due to certain circumstances (if you receive a number of blessings or a relationship status, you may receive a blessing). It's similar to a forum signature, but it cannot be edited. You can have multiple taglines, but you may only use one.

What is a Wayfarer?
A Wayfarer is a user with a Premium Account. Premium users are allowed more items in their satchel, more Familiars, more features and quests, more options such as site color, avatar, taglines, etc. and customized items. A Wayfarer even has their own currency!
A Wayfarer status cannot be gained through donations, though donations can and do assist in many ways, such as more art and features and the support of the Mythodreas site and staff, so that it/they may continue to entertain/serve you for years to come.
Wayfarer is currently unavailable. See FAQ for more details for this upcoming feature.

Account Requirements
How many accounts?
Each user may have up to one account per email and IP. If you share an IP with another user, and the added accounts from your IP are more than three then please notify a Guide and leave an alert on your facesheet (profile). It is true that IPs change; however, it is easy to tell if there are duplicate accounts sharing an internet and IP.
As for duplicate emails, we cannot and will not make an exception if you share an email with another user. It is required that all accounts have their own, unique email.

Mythodreas requires a wanderer to be 13 years or older due to the site rating of PG-13 and the requirements of COPPA (the act to protect a child under the age of 13 when it comes to personal and sensitive information). If you are under the age of 13, we encourage and require a guardian's permission. If you are under the age of 13, you may not access communicative features (i.e. privately message a fellow wanderer, comment on an article, or make a forum post). If you are discovered to have lied about your age, you will be immediately banned, and your IP, email, and username will be placed on the watchlist.

What is an achievement?
Achievements are special awards given to a user based off specific options, content, and actions done by the user. With an achievement, you can receive rare items, Pence, Blessings, Good Deeds, and content (i.e. special avatars, special taglines, and special reflections).

Where can I find an achievement?
The list of how and where to get an achievement shall remain open to Guides only. Anyone sharing information on how an achievement was reached will be penalized, regardless of the user's history, support, account status, or reason.

Types of alignment?
In Mythodreas, there is Darkness, Lightness, Obscure, Enlightened, and Neutral. Each alignment represents a being's soul and worshipped pantheon. Darkness and lightness oppose, but neutral may not have a high risk against darkness and lightness. Specific story options may be accessible by specific alignments; in addition, specific magical or celestial beings may be accessible by specific alignments. Obscure is the strongest alignment, but it is a current mystery when it comes to origin, weakness, and purpose.

Is Darkness evil?
Darkness alignment is considered evil or brooding; however, the alignment coexists with Mythodreas. It is not like the Obscure alignment which is pure, chaotic evil.

Obscure alignment?
Little is known about the Obscure alignment. The alignment is forbidden and is the current antagonist of Mythodreas. It is the epitome of evil.

Enlightened alignment?
Unlike its counterpart, Obscure, Enlightened is the epitome of good. It has been rumored to be the sole alignment of Mythodreas, but was lost during the war. It is said that those that harbored the Enlightened alignment were the capable of defeating the Obscure alignment; however, a being of the Enlightened alignment has yet to be found.

Change alignment?
You may change your alignment for a fee of 550,000 pence. Some alignment pantheons may require a quest or a sacrifice to be able to leave their alignment. A quest may include searching and gifting an item to the deity, talking to a specific being on site, or blessing a number of Familiars. The sacrifice may be to abandon a certain Familiar, spend or giveaway a certain amount of Pence, or give up all items in inventory? If you fail to pay or answer the requirements, all of your Familiars may suffer a penalty of a frozen stasis. If this occurs, you may not wander and your Familiars will not be able to interact with you for at least 24 hours. In addition, your relationship with each Familiar will be affected. However, keep in mind, that a pantheon may still penalize you for leaving their alignment. Changing alignments is not taken lightly.

A Familiar and even a wanderer may take on a status ailment. An ailment can be cured with medication or a visit to the apothecary. A list of ailments are as follows:
* Zombie - illness will follow if not cured, this will put you or your Familiar in a frozen stasis until healed
* Drowsy - low or depleted energy
* Poison - low or depleted health
* Fury - your Familiar will not listen/obey your commands
* Sadness - your Familiar will randomly listen/obey your commands
* Darkness - your attacks will miss
* Silence - you may not use MP, MP may also deplete
* Confusion - your Familiar may attack you and vice versa, commands will not be adhered to
* Fear - your Familiar will not attack, but it will listen to all other commands
* Soulless - HP and MP will fall to 1
* Frozen - immobilization on both you and your Familiar (this is not a punishment by a Guide)

What is the Apothecary?
The Apothecary is a hospital or infirmary for your Familiars. They are scattered throughout Mythos, unlike the Fountains or Shrines, they will heal your pets completely. It is usually inexpensive as the fee is based off of your Familiar's health. However, some Apothecaries will make you pay more than the other!

Divinus Fountain
What is the Divinus Fountain? The Divinus Fountain, like the Apothecary, will heal your Familiars; however, the Fountain may only heal your active Familiar. In addition, the Fountain heals randomly (your Familiar's HP may be changed from ⅖ to ⅗ ), but it's free! It is scattered about Mythodreas like the Apothecary.

What is a Crystarium?
A Crystarium is the Mythodreas word used for Crystal. This is not referring to the Crystal currency but to the large, marble rocks scattered throughout Mythodreas. They are what give the myths and dreams life, alongside the aid of Evonnay, but since Evonnay's demise the Crystarium has broken. This means that the light in Mythodreas will slowly fade into darkness.
Crystarium is the source of magic, life, and dreams. They used to be abundant, like the dragons, but are now few and far between. Those that can be seen or have been found are broken and useless. It is said that to find a Crystarium one must first be lost, wounded, and heartbroken.

What is the Colosseum?
The Colosseum is a battle stadium that can help your Familiar gain experience, skills, equipment, and level ups. In addition, you can acquire Battle Crowns which cannot be recieved anywhere else.

What does my Familiar fight?
You have the option to pin your Familiar or Familiars up against multiple Spawn or challenging Mythos. Be warned, your Familiar can take damage and recieve ailments.

What is an element?
An element is a magick received from the remaining crystals of Mythodreas. Most, if not all, Familiars and Fetches live and breath a specific element; however, it is not rare to find a Familiar who has the ability or attributes from more than one element.

What are the elements?
The elements all relate to an alignment. The elements and their alignments are the following:
* Fire - Darkness
* Earth - Obscured and Enlightened
* Water - Light
* Air - Neutrality
* Time - Obscured and Enlightened
Although the elements prefer specific alignments, it is not uncommon to find a Familiar of the Neutrum Pantheon to bear the gift of Water.

How do elements work with Familiars?
Familiars will show certain attributes and personalities in regards to their chosen element; however, their element can be changed or added to. Do keep in mind that a Familiar's weakness is the opposite of their element (Fire is weak to Water) and if you attempt to give a Familiar the ability over a weakness and strength then they may fall into harm and lose their trust in you.

What is equipment?
Equipment can be found in your satchel. It can be used to protect your Familiar, yourself, and to give you the upperhand over Spawn, bosses, and opposing pantheons.

Equipment types?
Equipment types cover anything and everything. When added, they may affect your Familiar's movement, sight, reflex, etc. in a positive or negative way.

Equipment Alignment?
Some equipment may have high rarity and be wearable by a certain alignment. If a light Familiar wears dark armor, it may deplete their stats or be rejected.

Familiar rejects equipment?
Some Familiars, based on relationship, alignment, and level may reject certain equipment.

How many Familiars can I have?
A wanderer may have up to three (3) Familiars. Each Familiar may assist you on your journey. Depending on their relationship with you, they may find you rare items, listen to you, and help you. Their relationship is influenced by how often you're active, how often you tend to them, and how often you interact with them.
If you desire more than three (3) then you must purchase an item to upgrade your Den's storage, pay a fee of 350,000,000 Pence and 75 Blessings, or purchase a Wayfarer Account.

Active Familiar?
Go to My Den under Creatures, and click a Familiar's name. This will set the Familiar as your active which means that they will be able to wander with you, protect you, form a relationship with you, and support you through your story.

Familiar health?
A Familiar's health may decline if they are not tended to, if they are attacked while wandering, and if they fall ill. If their health reaches zero then they may not wander, battle, or interact. They will remain unresponsive and be considered “unconscious." A Familiar cannot die due to the magical capabilities of a crystal. You may heal your Familiar by encountering a magical or celestial being, buying medication, or visiting the Apothecary.

Familiar energy?
If a Familiar's energy reaches zero then that Familiar may not wander, battle, or interact. Energy is rejuvenated after a certain time or a visit in the Apothecary.

Familiar level and XP?
A Familiar's stats and level may increase based on experience points which can be gained by wandering or encountering magical or celestial beings.

Familiar Skills?
A Familiar, by default, can have up to two (2) skills. Skills can be changed via items recieved from quests, stories, Pantheons, random encounters, holiday events, or through a Wayfarer Account. Overall a Familiar can have up to four (4) skills, depending on their level, relationship with you, their age, their alignment, and Battle Crowns (they aren't free!).

Familiar color?
The color of your Familiar may give it a better chance at Ultima Charge which is a magical ability given by the crystals across Mythodreas. In addition, it may give it extra elemental abilities. you can change your Familiar's color via the Lake of Iris with a Wand.

What is a Wand or Staves?
A Wand can be used to change the color of your Familiar. They can be pricey and rare, depending on the color and if that color represents a certain alignment. If you have a Light Familiar and color it Dark, this will not harm your Familiar.
Staves is the plural of a Wand.
A Wand can be used at the Lake of Iris for free! Just remember that the Familiar you use it on must be in its Adult stage.

Familiar's Age?
A Familiar can be received as a baby and shall be colored either blue for males or pink for females until two weeks after the original birth date. A baby Familiar is very limited on what it can and cannot do so be careful if one is set as your Active Familiar. It may prevent you from doing quests, exploring certain areas, or speaking with specific NPCs. In addition, if you encounter a Spawn, if could harm your baby Familiar.

What is Ultima Charge?
Ultima Charge is an attack that is given by the crystals across Mythodreas. It is a burst of light or darkness, depending on alignment, that is derived from the Familiar's soul. The Ultima Charge is powerful and will deplete at least ⅓ of a Familiar's health. It cannot be unleashed if their health is below ⅓. It may cause them to fall unconscious.

What is Familiar's alignment?
A Familiar's alignment will determine which magical or celestial beings it and you may come into contact with. In addition, certain abilities may harm your Familiar (i.e. a dark Familiar may not come into contact with a light ability). An alignment may determine where you may wander in Mythodreas and which stories you may have access to.

What is a Fetch?
A Fetch may improve a Familiar's offensive stats, and may be used to increase a Familiar's happiness. They are small creatures that are gifted to you by a magical or celestial being. They may be equipped via the Fetch inventory on your account. Only one Fetch may be equipped to one Familiar at all times.

Abandoning a Familiar?
Abandoning a Familiar will make all of your Familiars lose a level of relationship with you due to concern and distrust. In addition, it will cost 1,000 pence and harm your relationship with your Pantheon. If you're not careful, you could abandon a Familiar and have it turn on you!

Adopting a Familiar?
Adopting a Familiar will not give you any additional points. Adopting is free, but it will reward you with a “good deed" which can be used in quests, blessings

Forums - Mytho Round Table
Forums are currently being re-done and re-designed by the Alchemists on another page that is seperate from current forums.

Do Forums Reflect?
Replying and posting on the forums will not change any of your Familiar's stats; however, you may receive an item or Pence if you have a certain number of followers on your thread!

How do I change my forum settings?
Forum settings can be changed via My Haunt or by the link above the forums table (if you play Mythodreas while on a desktop, the link can be found in My Haunt and in the statistics table).

How do I use BBCode?
View the following coding guide, here.

Haunt and Account Features
What is a Haunt?
A Haunt is your stomping grounds. It focuses on anything and everything to do with your account. It contains features that can be edited or deleted.

What is a Homepage?
A homepage may be used for HTML and CSS coding and it belongs rightfully to the Wanderer who created it. You may use it for anything that you desire as long as it abides by Mythodreas' Terms of Service.

What is a User's Stall?
A user's stall is a user's shop. A user's shop can contain any and all sellable goods sold by the Wanderer.
A user's stall can be upgraded for a fee to hold more items.

What is a User's Gallery?
A user's gallery is similar to a user's stall; however, the items in a gallery cannot be sold. They are instead showcased and can be any item from a drink that cost the Wanderer 5 Pence to an award item that was retired in a past year.
A user's gallery can be upgraded for a fee to hold more items.

What is a Satchel?
A satchel is a user's inventory. Inventory reflects a backpack and may only hold a certain number of items.
A user's satchel can be upgraded for a fee to hold more items.

Holiday Events?
What are the holiday events?
The holiday events can celebrate any desired holiday chosen by the Guides. These events can be involve competitions, scavenger hunts, riddles, etc. which may give rare rewards, a hefty bag of Pence, an upgrade item, etc.

What is a Market and or Stall?
A Market, or in some cases/locations, a Stall, is a place to buy goods. A Market and Stall's restock is random so make sure to check hourly! Even if a Market or Stall is stocked, that doesn't mean that it won't refresh its wares!

Mythodreas NPCs
What is a Minion?
What is a Mythos?
Mythos is Mythodreas' word for a denizen of Mythodreas. They are dragons, trolls, elves, anything and everything mythological. Many Mythos worship a pantheon and show violence toward those who do not walk alongside their pantheon. In addition, since the fall of Evonnay, some Mythos have vanished although how and why is up for you to discover.

What is a Shopkeeper?
A shopkeeper is the keeper of a stall. Most have their own background story, quests, and special items that only their stall has.

What is a Spawn? A Spawn is a follower of the Obscurum pantheon. They're incredibly dangerous, heartless, and hungry. If you're not careful, you can lose everything to a Spawn. Everything.

What is the religion in Mythodreas?
Remember that all religion mentioned in Mythodreas is fictional. Each alignment has a designated pantheon and each alignment has a purpose, symbol, goal, and domain. Each Familiar originates from a pantheon.

God or Goddess?
A pantheon is derived from gods and goddesses which take on a specific domain, personality, symbol, and appearance (animal, celestial, and astral appearance… as well as an appearance derived from any class).

What is a Shrine? Depending on the story level, Familiar relationship progress and stats progress, and registered Alignment and Pantheon, certain Shrines around Mythodreas may be accessible at random times. Accessing a Shrine is difficult, but rewarding! You never know what you might get. What are Blessings?
Blessings are achieved by visiting the Shrine's keeper (in Emestar), and by other wanderers who may give a blessing to your Familiar by paying 10,000 pence.

Pence, Crystals, and Battle Crowns
What is Pence?
Pence is the currency used in Mythodreas. 1 Pence represents four (4) USD ($4.00).

How do I get Pence?
Pence is used often in Mythodreas as the land of Mythodreas is poor and starved thanks to the influence of Obscured. You may come across a low bank account or the inability to pay a fine or fee due to low Pence. Pence can be received via quests, winning the challenges in Colosseums, random encounters, site games, winning contests and competitions, and from Pantheons. In addition, it wouldn't hurt to open us a stall!

What are Crystals?
Crystals are typically a Wayfarer's currency meaning that they are bought via card or account online. They have more value than a Pence due to their rarity. Crystals can be converted to Pence or Battle Crowns if desired. One Crystal can be converted into 1,000 Pence or 50 Battle Crowns.

What are Battle Crowns?
Battle Crowns are used at the Colosseum to purchase special equipment for your Familiar, and they can only be received at the Colosseum. It cannot be converted to Pence.

What is a Guide?
A Guide is Mythodreas' word for Staff.

Do Guides get paid?
No, at this time, no Guide gets paid for helping or working on site. All Guides are currently volunteers; however, we hope to change this in the future.

Guide members and positions?
Please visit the page that shows all current Guides and positions. There are five departments: Alchemists, Scribes, Gatekeepers, Guardians, and Muses.

Help from a Guide?
A Guide is there for all problems and questions that you may have, both in-game, in-site, and real life (we are not counselors, but we are always here for you!). We will not give you free items, Pence, Crystals, Battle Crowns, help in a story or with a Spawn, change your password, change your username, or any other unfair privilege that you or another user would not have access to normally.

Guides have stories?
Yes, Guides have stories, symbols, and domains that represent them. They are considered of the neutral alignment as a whole even though individually they have claimed an alignment.

What is a story?
Mythodreas is immersed in an interactive story that will be added to and updated periodically. Each decision made by a wanderer may affect the future story, per account. The story will involve you, the protagonist, the pantheon based on your alignment, and the current antagonist (as of 2017, it is the Obscure).

What is Lore?
Lore is passed down generation after generation in Mythodreas. It tells of Mythodreas' beginning, middle, and predicted end. it's said that not all lore spoken is true and that there may be documents before Evonnay's demise that were forgotten.

What is a Quest?
Mythodreas uses quests as a way to aid the Wanderer through their journey. However, depending on previous choices, a quest may be different per Wanderer. Quests are allowed to be shared amidst users. A quest is unrelated to the following quests listed here.

What is wandering? Wandering, or exploring, is a way to interact with the world. In some areas you may encounter beings involved in the Mythodreas story, learn about lore and events, and find items and level up your Familiar.

FAQ of Mythodreas
How do accounts work on here?
If you were from Zetapets or Post-Zeta era then you might remember the use of activation codes. An activation code is used to determine your account's status. When you register, your account is considered pending until a Guide activates your account request. Until that happens you may not be able to login. If you attempt a login then it will log you out immediately.

Each account is given a unique identification number. This is the true name of your account and it will act as a unique identifier. In addition, your email is also considered a unique identifier to your account. However, it differs from the ID's purpose due to the fact that it is used to prove who you are when you login. This means that you may not have multiple accounts under the same email or have an account with a special or identical ID to another account.

When your account is activated and you're logged in, you will be requested to take part in Mythodreas's journey by meeting with the Gatekeeper and the Great Willow. If you do not go through the story, story options, choose an alignment and Pantheon, and select your Familiar then you may not continue forward on any site features.

I've forgotten my password?
That's quite all right! Login has a link to retrieve lost passwords. You can submit your username and email to retrieve your password. If you happen to forget your email then you can always enter in your username and user id, and we can send you a password retrieval to your registered email. However, if you have lost your email and cannot access it then we cannot send you a password retrieval. We cannot manually reset your password or your email for that account. If this occurs, we suggest you re-register.

How do I feed my Familiars?
Remember that some items can feed your Familiar and replenish their thirst. In addition, you can always re-visit the Food Pantry if you have under 2,000 Pence and have no edible items in your satchel!

How do I begin the story?
Mythodreas is, at first, setup in a linear fashion to help you on your way. As you proceed, you will discover that the lore and stories branch out, forcing you to choose a path. For the first level of the story, it is suggested to follow along with the prompts that are given to you.

How do I make Pence?
To make Pence either Wander, play games on site, sell items via your stall, or trade items with a fellow Wanderer.

How do I become a Wayfarer?
This feature is unavailable, but when it is set up it may be accessed and turned on via My Haunt. The price to change a Wanderer to Wayfarer is still being considered.

How do I become a Guide?
We're always looking for more help, but we do ask for future knowledge of the site and that you have an account that is of a certain age (read all content during the employment process). Check for employment opportunities here.

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