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November 12, 2017-Alchemy at work and other stuff

Remember, Inis's Isle will be closing soon! November 15th. Additionally, those who are registered before the mentioned date previously will receive all items. Also our Beta Testers will receive and award (we are adding Pence to this award too!).

Remember, if you ever have even the slightest knowledge of PHP and SQL code, let us know! It would help out our Lead Alchemist greatly. We do not require efficiency in these coding languages. If you can understand it, that's all that we ask, and we can drag you along from there!

We are keeping an eye on the site's current bugs since we switched hosts. All of your reports of bugs and our findings are currently on our Alchemist's list of things to check and fix! Especially some of the bugs that pop up when Mythodreas's layout is in day mode.

November 6, 2017-Alchemist's Updates

Sorry all for my inactivity. I'm actually a full-time university student with a full-time and seasonal job (2 jobs, whoooooo boy!). To make matters worse, I'm taking a class that is notorious for its high fail rate as well as online courses. My availability can be sporadic; however, I am still here and do not plan to go MIA. I am hoping to take some time within the week to assess some of the glitches that currently exist and continue to work on our first interactive quest. Additionally, I will be adjusting the First Familiar story and will, if requested, wipe out a user's active familiar so that they may retry. However, I am not sure I will be able to do all that I plan to within this week as I have 3-4 tests tomorrow and 1-3 tests Thursday.

What I plan to do within the next few days is assure that items work effectively and then apply the new item features (Wizel Combining, how many times an item such as food or toys can be used, creating cursed items, etc.). Additionally, I will be working on allowing users to create a type of Gallery that can show case achievements, quests, items, etc. This feature will not be akin to the shop gallery that we previously saw post June 22nd of 2017. Another addition will be the inclusion of magical elements and reflections for users as well as familiar interaction and improved familiar stats. With this I also hope to incorporate Fetches.

Please bear with us as we have a lot in store, but have limited time and staff to do as we plan. It will take us time, but do not worry... we're not letting all that we've worked for go to waste! We do not get paid for working on this site, all of us volunteer our time as best as we can.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions then feel free to email us at

October 4, 2017-Inventory Items soon to be Resolved

All users who were registered (your account was approved) before September 25th and are active (have logged in during the week of the 25th) will receive all items that have been re-uploaded (excluding the quest item). Users that registered after the 25th and users who did not log in during the week of the 25th will be given 3500 Pence and First Familiar Journey items (Newbie Pack items).

This resolution will occur within the next 48 hours. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we wade through this stage of development.

Mythodreas Administration

October 4, 2017-Beta and Satchel Items

Mythodreas is in Beta which means that we are still under development. New features are being added, messes are here and there, and development from the bottom up can take time. We are sorry for the inconveniences that being in Beta may cause, but we thank you for your support!

"Uh-oh, it seems that the Obscured stole all of your items (hopefully it was just the broken image items)! If you retrieved an item that you wish to have back or have Pence refunded to you, please notify the Alchemist by October 5th!"

To go through over 500 collected items between 20-50 users to find nonexistent items (items that were removed due to an incident that shall never occur again) is rather time consuming. If you would prefer to receive a specified item or Pence in return (I will discuss the amount of Pence with the user) then notify the developer at or email However, not all items are being restored and will be accessible. This mess up happened while a handful of items were being edited.

In addition, if you have any concerns or complaints then please contact

Please keep in mind and remember that there was a rather unplanned incident in which all items were removed. This has been set up so that it will not occur again (back ups back ups interception back ups back ups); however, Mythodreas relies upon two areas on site that handle items (user inventory and site items differ). Site items were deleted while user items were kept. This has caused code errors, discard issues, and use item issues. To prevent further problems, all items in a user's possession were deleted.

We are incredibly sorry for this inconvenience. Do not be shy if you would like compensation (via item replacement or Pence).
Mythodreas Administration