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Will you be the hero and save this rotting land or the villain and bring the end to all things good?

Join us and embark to find out!

Hall of Muse

Welcome to the Hall of Muse. Here, you can see Mythodreas related art done by muses around Mythodreas. Click on any image below to see a larger version.

If you would like to submit art, please send the art to and title the e-mail Hall of Muse Entry. You must include your Mythodreas username and ID, and give a brief description of the image. Also we take art theft very seriously. If you submit stolen art, we will find out. And you will be punished harshly. The image you submit must have been drawn specifically for Mythodreas. No submitting art you drew for another site with a creature that can be interpreted as being similar to a Mythodreas creature. Try to only submit one image a week, for we get a lot of images every day so need to limit the number added.

If accepted your artwork can take anywhere from 1 day to a week to show up. You also receive 15,000 Pence and a spiffy trophy for your look up.

Didn't make it in? Here are some reasons you may not have gotten in:
1. If you did not include your username and user id your entry was not accepted.
2. If it appears that not enough effort was put into the drawing it may have been rejected.
3. If you got in recently your entry may have been deleted to give new comers a chance.
4. If your image in any way brings up suspicion of looking like a creature from another site it was rejected.
5. Any images that appear to be stolen are deleted.
6. If we could not tell which Creature it was then it was rejected.
7. It is also possible your entry never came through or it was deleted accidentally.

By submitting your artwork to Mythodreas you are giving us permission to use it how we wish in any form or manner.

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