Mythodreas Beta 06.22.2 - Currently being worked on by Alchemists, 1-14-18 Mythodreas - Starting the journey


Will you be the hero and save this rotting land or the villain and bring the end to all things good?

Join us and embark to find out!

Starting the journey is now under phase 2 of debugging. Please be aware that you may only choose one alignment and going back to try and change that alignment will result in a punishment from your Pantheon god or goddess.

Once you've reached the end, you may not retry the story. If you attempt to retry the story then you will be redirected to the index page of Mythodreas.

In addition, after debugging has been finished and the Guides are pleased with the results, your Familiar and items will be removed and reset so that you may take part in the final release of this feature.

Start your journey