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Mythodreas - Spawn Index

Spawn Index
Spawn are dangerous enemies that inhabit Mythodreas. They are often violent and delusioned, having been influenced by Obscurum. Be wary when encountering Spawn, especially if it is an Obscured!
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Zugaikotsu, the Undead Minerva

Aligned with Tenebris
Commonly Encountered

Location: Uknown

Agility: 25Strength: 95Defense: 50Health: 2000
Intellect: 287Intimidate: 25Damage: 85Mana: 950

Elemental connection to Fire
Its skills are Ram & Teleport
Can cause Zombie ailment

Recommended Level: 10

Have you lost your way, Wanderer?
I wonder... what would happen if your Familiar were to perish? Can you handle the solitude that will surely follow?
Forgive me, but I am starving... and you look... so appetizing.

Pence: 250
Experience: 150
Drops: Skull Fragment
Achievement: Nothing

About Zugaikotsu
Zugaikotsu are skeletal dragons that reek of death and decay. They can appear out of thin air. It is said that they were once shrine guardians, but mysteriously perished during the war. They are extremely intelligent, agile, and talkative. Mythos claim that if one is sighted then a death is sure to follow. If you encounter one, make sure your element can oppose fire and that you have an antidote with you!