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Mythodreas Beta

In 2016 Mythodreas Guides decided to retrace their steps. This decision was tough as it meant a complete redo of the website and the world of Mythodreas's structure in both code, layout, and story; however, it was a necessity. We have hopes and dreams to see Mythodreas be something far greater than what it was, and today, we strive for those same hopes and dreams. We want this world to be more than a Virtual Pet Site. We want it to be an escape, a safe place, a journey.

Mythodreas runs off one programmer (we call them an Alchemist), this means that we have one person managing and troubleshooting glitches as well as new features for your journey. Please be patient with us as we continue preparing you for your journey! Not only that, but the Guides would like to remind you that Mythodreas is still undergoing reconstruction, and is currently considered to be a Beta site. This means that Mythodreas will be releasing new content and features, a and discovering and fixing bugs, errors, and glitches. Don't be alarmed if you see any errors, bugs, or glitches, we are working on them as fast as we can!


I can't login!: Are you attempting to login with an account that you had before June 2018? If so then we are sorry to announce that your account, along with all other accounts, items, characters, and familiars, were removed from Mythodreas on June 22nd of 2018. This decision was not easy to make, but the Guides came to the decision that for us to be able to carry out our project and ideals, it needed to be done. If we had allowed your account to remain then you would have faced several glitches, outdated art, and you would not be able to access certain parts of the site. Please re-register your account!

My account was made after June 2018!: Please ensure that your account has been activated, and try once more. If the problem persists then please contact us at (or use our Contact Us form). In your message, please provide your registered username and email, and our Alchemist or Site Owner will look into it!

< What are you working on?: Right now our list is longer than you can see! We have much in store for our users, but each feature demands time, hard work, and testing. We are currently working on a Luck based game, a Puzzle game, a Random Event, improved shopping, and interactive exploration and battling system (battling system will be optional unless a quest requires it), and a Quest Portal to keep track of any quests, including quests tied to your main story.

What does Beta mean?: This means that we as a site are not finished. We have many ideals and plans, and what you see now is not our final product. This means that you will see a lot of changes, downtime, and news of new and work-in-progress features.

When will you be out of Beta?: That's hard to tell! Why? Well, Mythodreas is currently being worked on by one developer (they're a college student and have a job so they can't dedicate time to us 24/7) and two main artists (they also have jobs so they can't dedicate time to us 24/7)! Our Guides (you'd call them staff or administrators) work on Mythodreas for free. This site has been a project and side-hobby for us since late 2015. So we don't plan to quit anytime soon, but bear with us! We are working as much as we can in-between our daily lives to get Mythodreas where we want it!

There are so many glitches/missing features!: Oh yes, it frustrates us too! We want to show everyone what we imagine Mythodreas can and will be, but baby steps! We can only do so much, especially when all Guides are volunteers. Stay with us and look forward to our updates on Facebook and e-mail!

What's the Beta V: You might have noticed this located at the top of your page while on the site. This marks our progress. '6.22.#' means that we released as Beta on June 22nd, and we have undergone # massive changes (we increment this number based upon changes that refer to a massive feature that will effect users, security updates, etc.).

Can I contribute? I want to see Mythodreas out of Beta.: Of course you can! We are always in the search for PHP, C#, and SQL and MySQLi developers, digital artists, and writers. Every user that shows interest in contributing is asked for a sample of their previous work, that sample is given to whomever is over the department they wish to contribute to. From there, the head of the department and the site owner as well as the developer decide if you also share what we have in mind for Mythodreas.

Your Guides work for free?: That's right! Which means that the site isn't always a priority. This is mainly because the site cannot support itself if we were to pay all of our Guides USD currency, at least not at this time. Right now, our site has bills and those are top priority. If you'd like to help us out, donations through Paypal are welcome! All donations go toward the site which includes but is not limited to server payment, email whitelisting payment, cloud backups, site monitoring, malware detection, and payment to Guides.

Can't you give me a rough estimate for when the site will get out of Beta?: We're sorry, but we can't do that! Things happen and we've changed a lot since we reconstructed Mythodreas into what you see today.

You said that I could volunteer alongside the other Guides if I shared the same mindset?: Yes! We have a specific idea, goal, path for Mythodreas. Those who cannot work well alongside others, those who cannot accept change or opposing ideas, and those who cannot be respectful as well as share a drive to see the site reach its full potential may not be able to join our team of Guides. Working as a Guide for Mythodreas is not for everyone! Especially when there's so much to do!